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Business Opportunity

The demand for paving refurbishment services across the UK has now created an opening for a very profitable business opportunity. Driveway Cleaning Surrey, in association with Smartseal can now give help and advice to anyone who would like to start a paving restoration business.

You now have the opportunity to earn ££££’s by starting a DRIVEWAY CLEANING and PAVING RESTORATION business. Its so profitable that you can earn from £125 a day to the big money of £400+ a day, just pressure washing and sealing driveways and patios. 

There are some operators who will ask you for £16,000+ to buy a Driveway Cleaning Franchise. Others would like you to pay expensive area licence fees in addition to buying their products. They may even charge additional fees just to give you the 'advice' that we will give you for FREE.

Smartseal's business packages are priced right with no long term arrangement on your part to purchase anything. Our big strength is in supporting and helping you develop your business.

Find out more information about what Smartseal can do for you by calling 01268 722500.