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Tarmac Repair Surrey

Many tarmac driveways in Surrey have deteriorated badly over time due to the damaging effects of the weather. Cracks and colour loss are frequently seen as the sun's rays take their toll.

However, it's not all bad news as new advances in surface coating technology can now restore faded tarmac to look like it has just been laid. We can carry out tarmac repairs and tarmac restoration in Surrey.

The benefits are listed below:-

  • No need for expensive resurfacing
  • Brings back colouring to the tarmac
  • Replaces resins
  • Easy application
  • Reduces future cracking and drying out 

As part of the process, we will pressure wash the tarmac surface first, leave it to dry off and then repair any cracks before restoration can take place.

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If you live in Surrey and have a tarmac driveway that requires cleaning and repairs, please call us on  0800 988 0348 for a FREE estimate or fill in an online enquiry form.